Hartford’s Camp Courant Partners with Riverfront Recapture for ‘2014 Sporting Chance for Youth Day’

Since 1894, it has been the mission of Hartford’s Camp Courant (HCC) to promote healthy choices and a lifestyle filled with physical activity for the children of Hartford. HCC’s goal is to have children understand the benefits of being outdoors and to appreciate nature, all while staying active, and preserving the environment. In 2014, Camp will once again partner with Riverfront Recapture to keep campers engaged and promote the beautiful park ‘system’ that the capital city has to offer. HCC’s relationship with Riverfront once again unites two pillars of the community through the 2014 ‘Sporting Chance for Youth Day’ - an event taking place at Riverside Park, in Hartford on June 7th. Children of all ages and abilities are encouraged to live a life full of recreational activities and this event is a chance for them to come out for a day filled with activities that includes rowing, fishing, volleyball, football, soccer, a climbing wall, orienteering, golf, baseball, basketball, cricket, mountain biking and much more, FREE of charge. For a highlight video of the ‘Sporting Chance for Youth Day’ please click here. HCC is proud of its continued partnership with Riverfront Recapture throughout Camp’s 120th Anniversary in 2014. For well over a century, it has been Camp’s goal to provide a FREE summer sanctuary, where Hartford’s children can develop positive relationships, learn, and most importantly, have fun. What began as a social outreach program by a small group of Hartford Courant employees, has transformed into the oldest and largest FREE summer program currently in the United States.

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