Hartford’s Camp Courant 120th Anniversary Highlighted by Partnership with MRW Connected

Launch of NEW Camp Website Set for Opening Day of the 2014 Camp Season

 Throughout 2014, Hartford’s Camp Courant (HCC) will promote new projects and partnerships in celebration of an extraordinary milestone of service to Hartford’s children for 120 years. As Camp opens its doors this summer, the ability to connect to a variety of constituents has never been more important in moving the organization forward. To take on this initiative, HCC has partnered with MRW Connected in an effort to overhaul Camp’s website and provide new and exciting format that visitors can use in connecting with the oldest and largest FREE summer program currently in the nation. The partnership between HCC and MRW Connected  was natural, as MRW provides custom web and communications services to non-profits, educators, social entrepreneurs, and just about anyone else working to make the world a better place.  The company treats its clients as partners, sharing in their vision and goals to create lasting connections with their audience.  Serving organizations throughout the region, MRW strives to be a positive force in the work of its clients by bringing a personal and collaborative approach to every project it undertakes.  With a projected ‘launch’ of the new and improved HCC website set for Opening Day (June 23rd) of Camp’s 120th season,  visitors to the site can expect much more than new colors and designs.  An easy to use layout will allow guests to navigate through the site with emphasis on connecting with Parents, updated Camp information for prospective donors and sponsors,  full descriptions of Camp Programs and Services, and a ‘media’ section highlighting Camp stories, news events, and partnership with various CT1 Media properties. Additional highlights include a special Camp ‘Alumni’ section that will enable former campers, staff, and volunteers to share their stories of  past summer bliss at Camp.

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