Corporate Volunteers Help Make a Difference for Hartford’s Kids

For 120 years, Hartford’s Camp Courant (HCC) has served the children of the capital city largely due to the support of outstanding corporate partners who make giving back to children a priority each year. The 2014 Camp season at HCC was no different, as corporate partners from The Hartford and Aetna participated in engaging volunteer opportunities that made a tremendous difference for the oldest and largest FREE summer program currently in the United States. Volunteers from Aetna d worked on beautification and building projects such as staining and assembling picnic tables, trimming trees and shrubs around campus, weeding and planting flowers and raking leaves. These efforts provide helped save HCC the significant expenses usually associated with these yearly tasks.

During the Camp season, interns from The Hartford were able to volunteer alongside campers during our annual Field Day. The 76 interns joined HCC staff in designing and helping campers throughout each station throughout the fun-filled day. It was an excellent way to bring business professionals from the Hartford community and the City’s children together in a shared experience and one that we look forward to elaborating upon in the coming seasons.  Established in 1894 by a group of Hartford Courant employees, it has been the mission of Hartford’s Camp Courant to provide a FREE summer program which enables children to develop positive relationships, learn, and most importantly have fun. With exemplary support from corporate pillars like The Hartford, Aetna, and many others, Camp hopes to move forward for 120 more years of service to Hartford’s children.

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