Camp Programs

_MG_6486Bank of America Junior Leaders Program

The Bank of America Junior Leaders Program is Hartford’s Camp Courant year-long, counselor in training in program.  Once campers complete their last year of Camp, they may be asked to join the Junior Leaders program.  Campers are identified by current Junior Leaders, and are selected based on their leadership potential, ability to communicate, respect for other campers, honesty, responsibility and willingness to learn.

The program begins in September, and workshops and lessons revolve around the themes of self-esteem, diversity, work ethic, team building and communication, money management, conflict resolution, self-awareness, stress management and community service.

During the months of July and August, the Junior Leaders put the skills they have acquired into practice by serving as counselors in training during the Camp season.


img_5309Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts program provides the perfect opportunity for campers to explore and expand their horizons. The staff focuses on the pursuit of personal creativity as well as project orientated work. Campers are able to learn new mediums, styles, and techniques so that they are able to express their creativity in new ways.  Activities include, but are not limited to, painting, drawing, cartooning, origami and more.




STEM workshops are geared towards all of our campers and introduces the topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through a series of fun learning activities geared to enhance creativity and fundamental skills in each topic.  The short term goal is for campers to see the connection between STEM topics they may have been introduced to during the school year and these fun but educational activities.





HCC_Camp_Programs_Webpage_Computer_LabComputer Lab-Brain Camp

At Hartford’s Camp Courant, our goal is to help prevent summer learning loss by utilizing educational computer games to keep our campers brains healthy and active.  Through fun yet educational computer games, our campers are able to enhance math and logic skills, reading and language arts skills, grammar and creative writing and technical skills.


img_9155Day Pitney Mock Trial

The Day Pitney Mock Trial program focuses on educating campers about the law, litigation, and public speaking through activities, games and lessons geared toward improving their leadership, teamwork and advocacy skills.  Activities include preparing written materials based on facts and witness testimonies, workshops on the law, the legal profession and the intricacies of trial, basic human rights, and how the law relates to their lives.  Campers will have the opportunity to work directly with Day Pitney lawyers and will take a field trip to the Day Pitney office in Hartford.  The program will conclude with the campers putting together a 'mock trial.'

img_4827Early Learning Center

The Early Learning Center (ELC) provides an introduction to and reinforcement  of literacy, numeracy, social skills and knowledge of what makes a healthy individual to campers ages five and six.  Goals are created using the Connecticut Pre K-1st grade English Language curriculum standards and the Connecticut Pre K-1stgrade math curriculum.  A different theme will be presented each week, and campers will participate in at least one social learning experience weekly that will help them develop skills that can be utilized at Camp and at home.

img_8015Farmington InterDistrict Program

The Farmington Public Schools and its regional partners offer a collaborative student mentoring program with Hartford’s Camp Courant. Funded by grants from the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Choice Programs, the goals of the program are to create diversity and improve writing and thinking skills through the arts.  High School mentors working with professional artists, performers and teachers through Camp Courant’s Arts & Crafts program provide instructional activities in portrait drawing, creative writing, puppetry, dance and African drumming. The program includes visits from elementary school students enrolled in Farmington High School’s  Multicultural Arts Summer Session for  a collaborative mural production workshop. The mural, created with individualized assistance from the mentors, captures the spirit and excitement of the Camp Courant experience.

img_6285Finance is Fun

The ‘Finance Is Fun’ program at Hartford’s Camp Courant provides an introduction to the  fundamentals of earning and spending money, and helps lay the foundation for understanding personal finance.  Prior to coming to Camp, many campers have little to no understanding of money, its origin in their day-to-day lives, how they could actually obtain money in their future or how it is related to them personally.  Lessons are focused on how money is earned, saved, spent, budgeted and shared, with an emphasis on the correlation between education, work and finances.  Campers will also focus on bill and coin recognition as well as the development of a service project to foster a better understanding of philanthropy and the importance of  ‘giving back’ through time, gifts or talent.

img_2403First Tee of Connecticut

In 2013, Hartford’s Camp Courant partnered with the First Tee of Connecticut to provide golf instruction weekly to  its Campers.  The First Tee model uses golf to teach important life skills, and is based on the nine core values of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, courtesy, judgment, confidence, responsibility and perseverance.





img_6369Healthy Choices

The Healthy Choices program is designed to teach campers how to be pro-active in living a smart and healthy lifestyle by engaging in daily activities that expand their knowledge about health and wellness.  Activities range from gardening, my plate dietary guidelines and grocery shopping on a budget to anger management, hiking, hygiene and bicycle safety.  Hartford's Camp Courant utilizes the expertise of health and nutrition professionals, as well as the local police and fire departments, to educate campers about health and wellness.

img_6101Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course at Hartford’s Camp Courant reinforces the ideas of healthy choices, problem solving and critical thinking with a focus on campers ages five through eight.  Campers step outside of their comfort zone and develop trust with others through teamwork and communication, helping to build confidence and self-esteem.  The Low Ropes Course reinforces the importance of cooperation, encourages the use of problem solving skills and enhances critical thinking skills.



Camp's Nature Program motivates, inspires and increases campers understanding about the natural world.  Specific lessons are designed in the areas of recycling, gardening and composting, and includes introductions to environmental and natural science topics. In addition to the regular Nature programming,  Hartford’s Camp Courant created a Nature Club to allow campers to be even more involved in focused areas like trail maintenance, hiking, and field trip opportunities.



The photography program at Camp focuses on the very basics of photography, including the functions of different kinds of cameras, loading 35mm film, the creation of scrapbooks and digital imaging. The campers also take photos for the Camp newsletter, and host an art contest in the Camp Courant gallery.


img_3216Sports and Recreation

The Sports Program at Hartford’s Camp Courant is designed to improve the camper’s overall physical fitness and strengthen their understanding of living an active and healthy life.  Through fun and engaging activities, our goal is to provide organized activities that promote and enhance cooperative learning, listening skills, sharing, coordination and motor skills, organized team activities, sportsmanship and fair competition.




The most popular activity at Camp, swimming is not only fun, but a vital life skill.  At Hartford’s Camp Courant, we strive to instill a love and respect for the aquatic environment.  Through a multi-level instructional approach, the Swimming Program at Hartford’s Camp Courant is designed to teach campers water safety basic swimming strokes, all while having sun in a safe environment.




The Yoga program gives structural reprieve for campers, and provides an opportunity for campers to focus inward, calm their minds and bodies and release stress.  Strategies allow children to verbalize issues in own words and then problem solve.  Teachers used yoga skills to help the camper promote self-awareness, create coping strategies and take responsibility for their external and internal environment.  The Daily schedule provides a wide variety of activities for campers that facilitates social interaction, physical activity and creativity through art and movement.  Yoga basics activities include posture, breathing and meditation.