Camp Programs

Healthy Choices

A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle! Campers learn how to be pro-active in making smart and healthy lifestyle choices. Your child will learn how to differentiate from good and bad foods or how to determine what foods are part of a balanced diet.

Arts & Crafts

A summer camp classic! Campers explore and expand their horizons with a focus on the pursuit of personal creativity as well as project orientated work. Your child will tap into their creative side and put their own personal touch on each day’s project.


Bank of America Junior Leaders Program

Year-long, counselor-in-training program for campers who have been identified to have strong leadership potential during their final year as a camper.  The program includes workshops, guest speakers, field trips, and lessons revolving around the themes of self-esteem, diversity, work ethic, team building, communication, money management, conflict resolution, self-awareness, stress management and community service. After completing the three-year program, Junior Leader graduates are prepared to enter the work force, many of whom apply to work at camp during the summers, either as counselors, maintenance staffers, or assistant directors. 

junior leaders

Computer Lab

Utilizing fun yet educational computer games to teach basic coding and programming, keeping our campers brains healthy and active.


DeBell Fund Nature Program

Lessons focusing on recycling, gardening, composting, introductions to environmental and natural science topics; campers learn about different plants, minerals and animals right at our campsite. Campers also utilize our nature trails for daily hikes, discovering what the Connecticut wilderness holds.   

First Tee of Connecticut

The First Tee model uses golf instruction to teach important life skills based on nine core values; honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, courtesy, judgment, confidence, responsibility and perseverance. 

Girls Empowerment

Your child will participate in team-building challenges and games, hands-on crafts and activities, group discussions, field trips and be introduced to various group speakers

Girl Scouts of CT

Camp Courant and Girl Scouts of Connecticut are partnering this Summer for FUN in the sun. This program is for all girls ages 5-12 to engage in STEM activities and learn how everyday items are science related. Older girls may also explore and discuss the issues of body confidence, self-esteem, conflict resolution and social pressures.

By participating in this Girl Scout program, girls will be registered members of Girl Scouts of Connecticut through September 30, 2022. As a Girl Scout member, girls will be able to participate in any virtual programs and events, join a Girl Scout troop, attend camps through the year, and join other in-person events as they become available. For more information please visit

Hartford Wolf Pack Deck Hockey

Your child will participate in a weekly hockey program that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.  It may involve running, sprinting, changing direction and large amounts of strength, power and flexibility training.

LEGO STEM and Manufacturing 

Designed to enhance campers’ creativity and knowledge in the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  For example, by explaining Newton’s Law of Motion and how his discovery changed our understanding of the universe, campers used legos and built examples of the Six Simple Machines; the lever, wheel & axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge & screw.


By learning the very basics of photography, campers are able to take photos for the Camp newsletter, and host an art contest in the Hartford’s Camp Courant gallery. 

Garmany Fund Music & Performing Arts

Campers are exposed to the many ways music can be created and performed while learning how music has been used as a means of expression throughout history.

The Performing Arts program in partnership with Unified Theater teaches campers of all abilities how to perform improvisation, puppetry, straight theater, poetry recitation and musical theater.

Sports and Recreation

Designed to improve overall physical fitness and strengthen campers understanding of living an active and healthy life. 

SBM Charitable Foundation Swimming & Aquatics

Swimming is a vital life skill.  We strive to instill a love and respect for the aquatic environment by first learning about water safety and basic swimming strokes. 

Fund for Greater Hartford / United Way Early Learning Center

For campers ages five-eight, goals are created using the Connecticut Pre K-1st grade English Language curriculum standards and the Connecticut Pre K-1st grade math curriculum.

Ion Bank ‘Finance Is Fun’ 

An introduction to the  fundamentals of earning and spending money, for example, learning the monetary value of recycling and how it benefit families and communities.


A structural reprieve for an over-stimulated camper provides an opportunity for campers to focus inward, calm their minds and bodies and release stress.  Your child start by learning the basics; posture, breathing and meditation. 

Summer Unity Program

Funded through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), the City of Hartford’s ‘Summer Unity’ Program allowed Camp Courant to expand its programming for Hartford’s kids in 2021. Activities were increased both on and off campus, and the length of the camp day was expanded for children who attend Hartford Public Schools during the summer mornings, ensuring summer fun for every child.

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