Administrative Staff

Corrianne Chipello
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Office: (860) 370-3467

Heather Dinneen, MS, LCSW
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Office: (860) 370-3474

Tricia Rowold
Director of Donor & Volunteer Experiences

Office: (860) 370-3471

Samantha James

Foundation Services Manager

Office: (860) 370-3472

Mily Navedo

Administrative Services Manager

Office: (860) 370-3473

Sam Tapper

Mission Engagement Coordinator

Office: (860) 370-3476

Alondre Rush

Junior Leaders Program Manager

Camp Administrative Staff

Tim Uhl

Camp Director

Office: (860) 370-3475

Candice Colon

Programming Coordinator

Office: (860) 370-3470

Danny Torres

Head of Maintenance

For Health/Medical Services, please contact:

Camp Staff

Beth Agdish

Yoga Co-Director

Linda Amos

Camp Nurse

Jacki Bouffard

Nature Director

Seth Caron

Aquatics Director

Ricky Clark Jr.

Unit B Director


Jason Harvey

Unit D Director

Susan Hayward


Angelica James

Finance is Fun Director

Gail Jensen

Food Services Director

Tracy Malootian

Yoga Co-Director

Madeline Martinez

Music & Performing Arts Director

Kamara Neil

Unit A Director

Willie Noble


Nicole Robinson

Unit C Director

Jennifer Hayford

Early Learning Director

Keishla Santiago

Computer Lab Director

Marta Shepard

Photography Program Director/HARC Liaison

Michael White

Sports Director

Jordan Wilson

Healthy Choices Director

Jose Gonzalez

Maintenance/Project Specialist

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