Camp Services

Emergency Care

Bumps and scrapes are bound to occur at summer camp. In order to ensure that our campers receive proper medical care in the event of an unfortunate incident, Hartford's Camp Courant employs a full-time nurse who attends to the day-to-day medical needs of our campers. In the case of an emergency, campers will be transported to John Dempsey Hospital at the UCONN Medical Center. John Dempsey Hospital provides high quality care for children and adults, and is located less than five minutes from campus in Farmington.


Dental Exams

Proper oral health plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health and wellness of children. Unfortunately, many of the children that attend Hartford’s Camp Courant do not have access to regular dental care. Hartford’s Camp Courant has partnered with local periodontists to provide free dental screenings to all of our campers, which include a full exam of the mouth to identify tooth decay, bite and gum infections. Campers also receive a dental education less, toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste.  If any oral abnormalities are found, a referral is made to one of four partnering clinics in the City of Hartford.


Fichman Eye Center Vision Screenings

Good vision is key to a child’s physical development, success in school and overall well-being. The vision system is not fully formed in babies and young children, and equal input from both eyes is necessary for the brain’s vision centers to develop normally. If a young child’s eyes cannot send clear images to the brain, his or her vision may become limited in ways that cannot be corrected later in life. But if problems are detected early, it is usually possible to treat them effectively. Fichman Eye Center offers free vision screenings to our campers and recommends follow up appointments if needed.



Camp truly begins when our campers board the bus at one of our eleven bus stops each morning.  Along the road from Hartford to Farmington, campers chat with fellow campers, play games and sing their favorite camp songs.





Campers enjoy  delicious and nutritious breakfasts and lunches daily. Healthy eating and regular meals help children maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain health problems, stabilize their energy, and sharpen their minds.