Volunteer Waiver

Hartford’s Camp Courant recognizes the importance of volunteers at all levels of the organization.  Volunteers can enhance collaboration between the Camp and the community, broaden the Camp environment at many levels, and ultimately enrich the overall Camp experience for the children of Hartford. Hartford’s Camp Courant further acknowledges that the use of volunteers promotes awareness of Camp while providing much needed support that allows the organization to continue its partnership with a variety of constituents. Volunteers, interns and other such non-employees working with Camp on campus will be under the supervision of Hartford’s Camp Courant Administrative staff.  Volunteers are held to the same standards of conduct as Camp staff and must observe all policies of Hartford’s Camp Courant, including applicable policies on the confidentiality of Camper information. 

Volunteers may be required to submit to state and federal criminal record checks and a record check of the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) Child Abuse and Neglect Registry.  No person who is required to register as a sex offender under state or federal law, or whose name is currently listed on the DCF registry, may volunteer for or at Hartford’s Camp Courant.

Persons interested in volunteering their services should contact Tricia Rowold, Director of Donor & Volunteer Experiences at Hartford’s Camp Courant, at trowold@campcourant.org or by phone at 860-244-2835.

Classification of Volunteers:

 Group I

Volunteers will be classified in Group I when they assist Hartford’s Camp Courant staff members with Camp activities in the presence of a Camp staff member. Group I volunteers are those who assist Camp staff members with activities such as those listed below:

  1. assisting in a classroom space when a Camp staff member is present; or
  2. working in direct contact with Campers under the supervision of a Camp staff member; or
  3. helping on campus during regular Camp hours including assisting with Camp programming, recreational activities, or sporting events, etc.; or
  4. accompanying a group of Campers on a field trip during the Camp day with a staff member

Group II

Volunteers will be classified in Group II when they assist Hartford’s Camp Courant in beautification projects or Camp clean-up events either during the off season or when Camp is in session. Group II volunteers are those who assist Camp with activities such as those listed below:

  1. assisting Camp in a manual labor project when a Camp staff member is present; or
  2. working with a team of volunteers on a specific beautification project under the supervision of a Camp staff member; or
  3. participating in a Camp clean up activity leading to the opening of Camp or to prepare for Camp’s end of season gala on campus; or
  4. helping Camp in the many functions needed to organize, develop, one of Camp’s Special Events.


Volunteers who participate in activities at Hartford’s Camp Courant understand that Camp is in a rural area with a dense outdoor setting open to natural elements. Participating as a volunteer at Hartford’s Camp Courant will include inherent or other risks, hazards, and dangers that can cause or lead to injury, illness, mental or emotional trauma, paralysis, disability or death to participants or others. Some, but not all of the risks, may include a hazardous environment, equipment that may fail, or unpredictable weather conditions. By participating, I understand that Hartford’s Camp Courant cannot ensure a volunteer’s safety or eliminate all of these potential risks.

Understanding the above, I agree to release and hold harmless Hartford’s Camp Courant and its agents, officers, employees, representatives, from any and all liability, claims, suits, demands, judgments, costs, interest and expense (including attorneys’ fees and costs) for any other loss, damage or injury, including that caused by negligence, that may occur during my time involved volunteering at Hartford’s Camp Courant, including participation in any activities, programs, events, transportation, or field trips.

 Hartford’s Camp Courant does not have medical staff on-site at all times, although during the camp season we do have medical staff available to us on standby.  We are also in close proximity to medical facilities, but volunteers should be aware that medical assistance may not be immediately available to them.  In the event of an injury requiring medical attention, I hereby grant permission to Hartford’s Camp Courant staff to attend to my medical needs and I grant permission for necessary and/or emergency medical treatment to be given.  In addition, I hereby give permission to Hartford’s Camp Courant staff to take me to a physician, dentist, or to the hospital if an accident or serious illness occurs while I am at camp or on a camp field trip.  Volunteers are responsible for their own medication while on camp grounds and must maintain such medication for their own use in the original containers.  Camp staff will not be responsible for administering such medication, and volunteers are strictly prohibited from bringing any medication or controlled substance onto Camp grounds that has not been prescribed to the volunteer and/or is being used for unauthorized or inappropriate purposes. 

I hereby agree that all photographs, videos, negatives, prints, paintings, drawings, sketches, reproductions, and likenesses of any kind made of me while at camp are and shall remain the property of Hartford’s Camp Courant, its successors, and assigns. I give my irrevocable consent that said works, or any part thereof, may be published, displayed, reproduced, and circulated in any form by Hartford’s Camp Courant or anyone else authorized by Hartford’s Camp Courant with or without my name, for commercial purposes or otherwise, including advertisement in any media, and with or without any testimonial copy or other form of advertising or display.  In addition, volunteers are prohibited from taking pictures or images of campers and/or using such pictures or images without the written permission of Hartford’s Camp Courant.

COVID-19 Disclaimer:

Although the Camp has implemented certain preventative measures consistent with applicable rules, regulations, federal and state orders and guidance, and guidance from public health officials related to COVID-19, the Camp cannot ensure that individuals who come to Camp will not become infected with COVID-19.  Moreover, the Camp cannot protect against exposure to or infection by COVID-19 that occurs due to the actions, omissions, and/or negligence of individuals, including volunteers and Camp staff members.   

In signing below, I attest that I understand the risks related to COVID-19 associated with volunteering at Camp.  I further understand that the Camp is closely monitoring this situation and reserves the right to end activities at the Camp at any time.  I also acknowledge that the health and safety risks posed by COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated, despite the implementation of reasonable precautions and protocols by the Camp.  Finally, I understand that it is not possible to list each and every specific risk associated with COVID-19 and that neither the Camp nor public health officials can guarantee that any individual volunteering at Camp will not come into contact with someone infected by COVID-19 and/or contract such illness.  By opting to volunteer at Camp, I agree that I will abide by any health and safety protocols that the Camp may require and understand that despite these protocols that I still may contract COVID-19 at no fault of the Camp.  I understand that promoting public health is a shared responsibility and that every member of the Camp community must do his/her part to minimize risks, and agree that I will not hold the Camp responsible if I should contract COVID-19 while volunteering.

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