Camp FAQ’s

Is my child eligible to attend Hartford's Camp Courant? 

If you live in the City of Hartford and your child is between the ages of five-12, then your child is eligible to attend Hartford's Camp Courant.

How do I register my child?

Registration forms will be distributed through the schools and the local libraries, and will be available to download on our website in April 2018. Since registrations are now accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, we strongly suggest that parents/guardians drop off or mail their child's registration form(s) directly to Hartford's Camp Courant, 285 Broad Street, Hartford CT 06115. To be considered, applications much be filled out completely and correctly, and must be signed by a parent of guardian. The last day to register for the 2019 Camp Season is Friday, June 28th, 2019.

What happens if my child is placed on the wait list?

If spaces open up, registrants on the wait list, in the order the registrations were received, will be notified by letter that they may attend. Attendance will be monitored daily and evaluated weekly to determine how many children on the wait list will be able to attend Camp.

How will I know if my child can begin Camp?

You will receive a green confirmation letter in the mail confirming your child's start date. Please do not bring your child to a bus stop without a green confirmation letter. Children who have not received a green confirmation letter will not be on our registration list, and will not be allowed to board the bus.

How will I know which bus stop my child will use?

You will have the option to select one of the bus stops on registration list that is most convenient to you.

What time will my child be picked up and dropped off at the bus stop?

Children must be at their designated bus stop no later than 8:30 am to be picked up for Camp. If your child misses the bus, he or she may not attend Camp that day. For the safety of our campers, parents are not permitted to drop off their child at Camp. Drop off is between 3:00 and 3:30 pm. Available bus stops are listed on the registration form. A counselor is at every bus stop to supervise and take attendance.

Can I visit Camp?

Yes! Camp Courant will be holding its annual Parent's Day in June before the start of the Camp season. If you would like to visit the site then, please contact Mily Navedo at 860 244 2835 to make arrangements.

Parents Day will be held on in June 2019. A detailed flyer will accompany the green confirmation letter.

Are there any fees to attend Camp?

All activities and services provided by Hartford's Camp Courant are offered FREE of charge to Hartford's children.

What should my child bring to Camp?

We suggest your child bring a bathing suit and a towel to Camp. If your child does not have a bathing suit or towel, one will be provided. Hartford's Camp Courant is not responsible for personal belongings, and strongly suggests that your child does not bring anything valuable to Camp. We also suggest you write your child's name on everything he or she wears or brings to Camp, and that he or she wear closed-toed shoes.

What if my child is required to attend summer school?

There is a section on the registration form for you to indicate whether or not your child will attend summer school. Once summer school begins, your child will be removed from the registration list. If your child's summer school status changes, please contact Mily Navedo, Administrative Service Manager, at 860 244 2835.